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AirTulip, Breathe Easy

Our Story

We want to change the standard of unhealthy and polluted indoor environments.

Introducing AirTulip Sleep - a powerful air purification system integrated into a headboard that creates a bubble of 100% clean air.

The world's first non-invasive solution designed for the room where you spend most time, your bedroom.

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Breathe quality air

Shielded bubble

A completely clean air zone - effectively eliminating all airborne asthma and allergy triggers

For your health

Breathing clean air while asleep can significantly impact your sleep quality and health & well-being

Controlled air flow

We use flow control, laminar air flow, to create a clean air zone combined with HEPA14 & Active Carbon filtration

Undisturbed Sleep

Breathe easy every night, no triggers and pollution for one third of your day. Enjoy undisturbed sleep without any airway triggers.


Improved Energy

Our users report that they experience deeper sleep due to the lack of triggers during the night. Restful nights, vibrant days.

Seamless Integration

Enhancing both air quality and aesthetic appeal without disrupting your interior. AirTulip Sleep blends effortlessly with any style.


Performance measured & confirmed by


I have had allergy symptoms for over 25 years that have been increasing over time. With the AirTulip, the allergic and asthmatic symptoms were reduced enormously. The shortness of breath symptoms have almost completely disappeared and I also have much less eye and nose irritation and sneezing fits. I was even able to reduce some of the medication I take daily.

— Maartje Mentzel

The actual unit looks very nice. We are super pleased with the color and finish materials. We had a great night sleep!

— Elliot

I have noticed a more restful sleep, with less congestion when I wake up.

— Paul

My pre-school son has had no wheeze, no overnight coughing fits and is sleeping significantly better since fitting the AirTulip Sleep onto his bed, this is a huge improvement to our lives given we had at least monthly hospital trips caused by his asthma.

— Andy

The World’s Most Innovative Sleeping Technology

Standard air purifier vs AirTulip Sleep

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After image

The results are transformative

An hour measurement against two standard air purifiers. AirTulip Sleep creates the highest cleanroom-grade class breathing zone within seconds.

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Drift off peacefully with the optimal environmental conditions for the perfect night’s sleep.

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