Air purification system helping you sleep in a shielded bubble of pure air, all while functioning as a headboard.

Beyond Air Purifiers

AirTulip's patented-pending technology has a proven clean air zone. AirTulip Sleep cleans the air in the breathing zone up to 1000 times better than air purifiers.

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Breathe Easy

AirTulip uses laminar airflow technology combined with HEPA air filtration to create a completely clean air zone

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Designed for the Bedroom

Easy to install, the AirTulip Sleep blends in nicely with your existing bedroom interior.

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Sleep in a Clean Air Zone

Sleeping in clean air can help to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies and improve sleep quality.

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Peaceful Nights

Breathing clean air at night can reduce your risk of waking up with asthma or allergy symptoms.

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  • AirTulip Sleep: How I Finally Found Relief After 25 Years 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    I have had allergies for over 25 years that have been increasing over time. I take daily medication for asthma symptoms, such as shortness of breath, sneezing, headaches, stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes. In addition to taking medication, I made my bedroom as dust-free as possible, but despite these measures, my allergies bothered me a lot, so I often slept badly and started my day tired.

    This way, I often started the day tired. With the AirTulip, my symptoms were reduced enormously. The shortness of breath almost completely disappeared and I also have much less eye and nose irritation and sneezing fits. I was even able to reduce some of the medication I take daily.

    I track the quality of my sleep through my smartwatch and there too I saw a major effect after using AirTulip. I sleep a lot better and I feel much more rested in the morning. I never expected it to have such a big impact on my sleep and asthma symptoms.

    Besides the positive effect of AirTulip on my sleep and health, the design is also very nice in my bedroom. I wish I knew about this product earlier and I would recommend it to anyone! - Maartje

Drift Off Peacefully with the Optimal Environmental Conditions for the Perfect Night’s Sleep.

The World’s Most Innovative Sleeping Technology.

AirTulip uses laminar flow technology and HEPA filters to  create a completely pure pocket of air as you sleep, eliminating any contaminants from entering your breathing space.