AirTulip Sleep

What is the AirTulip Sleep?

AirTulip Sleep it’s the next generation air cleaner for the bedroom and beyond, with high-level technology. It’s designed as a beautiful bedhead to easily blend into your bedroom. The AirTulip Sleep enables you to sleep and live in clean air.

What are the dimensions for the different headboard sizes?

The AirTulip Sleep headboard is available in the sizes Twin, Queen, and (Cali) King. Below are the dimensions per size:

Twin Size
- Twin-sized beds (US)
- 42inch length x 12inch width x 48inch height

Queen Size
- Queen-sized beds (US)
- 70inch length x 12inch width x 52inch height

King Size
- (Cali) King-sized beds (US)
- 84inch length x 12inch width x 52inch height

How quiet is AirTulip?

In the night mode, the headboard is below 30 dB.

The flow is quiet, slow, and steady over a large area. You won't feel a draft, as it is from the laminar plug of air. In order to get a restful night of sleep, we didn't only focus on a serene gentle flow speed free of chaos, but also a whisper-quiet operation.

We use acoustic engineering and expensive oversized fans running much slower than they can to create a restful night. In day-modus, the AirTulip Sleep generates much less sound than an AC unit, and around the level of someone whispering.

How often do the filters need to be changed?

Right now the indication for the filter replacement is $100 per filter, so $200 for Queen- and King-size headboards and $100 for a Twin-size headboard. The filters last up to 12 months.

The filters in the AirTulip Sleep are large filters HEPA filters.

Is the AirTulip Sleep adjustable in height?

The headboard will be adjustable in height so you can adjust it so that it is perfectly in sync with the height of your bed.

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