AirTulip is on a mission to help people breathe clean air indoors.

Building powerful air purification systems to improve indoor air quality across the globe. Breathe easy again.

Solutions rooted in flow control aerodynamics.

With cutting-edge product offerings, AirTulip gives people and businesses the solutions to improve indoor air quality.

AirTulip was created by a team of aerospace engineers specializing in aerodynamics. We understand flow and its importance - our mantra is flow control.

Cleanroom physics from the ground up.

Based on our experience designing cleanrooms we recognize that in a cleanroom environment, viruses like Covid-19 and other contaminants cannot spread. However, in regular indoor environments, even with ample ventilation and/or consumer air purifiers, contaminants can linger and spread in the air for up to an hour. We are driven to prevent contaminant spread and enable a safe and clean environment for all.

Fighting air pollution for a better future for all.

AirTulip was created by a team of aerospace engineers specialized in aerodynamics. We understand airflow and its importance.

AirTulip was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we understand the importance of airborne spread, we wanted to help make an impact, save lives, and enable society to open up safely again. We got to work on creating something that would catalyze this. We want everyone to breathe easy again!

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