Reduce Sleep Disruption

Asthma can lead to frequent nighttime awakenings due to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This disrupts the normal sleep cycle and can result in poor sleep quality, leading to daytime fatigue and decreased cognitive function.

Enjoy your sleep knowing the AirTulip Sleep uses laminar air flow to create a clean air zone right where you sleep.

Lower Hospital Visits

Asthma annually causes 439,000 individuals to be hospitalized and results in 1.3 million emergency room visits (source).

In the U.S., hospitals charge $2,883 per day on average. Patients typically spend 4.6 days in the hospital, with the average expense amounting to $13,262 (source).

Sleep in a clean air zone with AirTulip Sleep, giving your lungs the opportunity to recover without them getting irritated with air pollution during the night.

Diminish Nocturnal Asthma

Some individuals experience worsening asthma symptoms at night, a condition known as nocturnal asthma. Nocturnal asthma is associated with decreased lung function at night, which can lead to increased breathing difficulties during sleep, disrupting sleep patterns.

AirTulip Sleep helps you breath easy during the most essential part of your day, to ensure you can recover and be ready for your next day.


How does AirTulip Sleep help improve air quality for asthma sufferers?

AirTulip Sleep utilizes advanced laminar airflow technology, creating a clean breathing zone that filters out allergens and harmful particles (with large HEPA filters), ensuring a pure and safe sleeping environment for individuals with asthma.

How can AirTulip Sleep benefit my overall sleep quality as an asthma sufferer?

By providing a dedicated clean air zone, AirTulip Sleep helps reduce common triggers that can worsen asthma symptoms during sleep, allowing for improved breathing and a more restful night's sleep.

Is AirTulip Sleep verified by any reputable institutions?

Yes, AirTulip Sleep has been thoroughly tested and verified by the Technology University Eindhoven, confirming its effectiveness in creating a clean air breathing zone and providing a safe sleeping environment.

Can AirTulip Sleep be used in conjunction with other asthma management methods?

Absolutely, AirTulip Sleep is designed to complement existing asthma management strategies. It works seamlessly alongside other preventive measures and treatments, providing an added layer of protection against airborne allergens and irritants. AirTulip Sleep ensures the polluted air you would normally breathe in is completely purified, helping you breathe easy again.

How does AirTulip Sleep compare to other air purification systems on the market?

AirTulip Sleep stands out due to its specialized laminar airflow technology, which creates a unique clean breathing zone specifically tailored for asthma sufferers. AirTulip's patented-pending technology has a proven clean air zone. AirTulip Sleep cleans the air in the breathing zone up to 1000 times better than air purifiers.

Its dual function as a headboard makes it a practical and elegant solution for enhancing both air quality and bedroom aesthetics.

How easy is it to install AirTulip Sleep?

AirTulip Sleep is designed for easy installation, requiring minimal effort and no specialized technical knowledge. The user-friendly installation process ensures that you can quickly set it up in your bedroom without any hassle. You can easily place the headboard behind your bed, align it with your mattress and plug in the power cable.

  • A Breakthrough for My Son's Asthma

    My pre-school son has had no wheeze, no overnight coughing fits and is sleeping significantly better since fitting the AirTulip Sleep onto his bed, this is a huge improvement to our lives given we had at least monthly hospital trips caused by his asthma. - Andy, UK

  • Finally, a Night of Restful Sleep

    I love the AirTulip! I am allergic to everything outside and dog/cat. I feel with the AirTulip my sleep is deeper and more restful. I feel refreshed when I get up and I am not having allergen issues while sleeping - eye irritation, sneezing, congestion. I am thankful to have found this product! - Stephanie, US

  • Allergy Relief Achieved

    I have suffered from allergies all of my life and ever since I have used this product I wake up in the morning without a stuffy nose and stuck eyes. - Charles, US

Scientific Research

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) performed scientific research into the performance of the AirTulip Sleep. They have conducted laboratory measurements to assess the Local Air Quality Index around a sleeping person's head level. The best case scenario provided an exceptional improvement in air quality, with around four orders of magnitude better air quality, as evidenced by the absence of particles across measurement samples.

AirTulip vs. air purifiers

AirTulip's patented-pending technology has a proven clean air zone. AirTulip Sleep cleans the air in the breathing zone up to 1000 times better than air purifiers.

Backed by Data

We performed measurements for contamination in the room. The graph shows a comparison between two typical air purifiers and AirTulip Sleep (measured particles per cubic meter of air). The goal is to have low levels of measured particle contamination.

AirTulip Sleep instantly drops the particle count below the cleanroom class 1 threshold, creating a pure and healthy sleeping environment.

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