Cutting Edge Technology

Knowledge comes from the family-business with a long-standing experience in cleanroom technology, specializing in aeronautics and aerospace for clients like NASA, ASML and KLM.

Laminar Airflow

AirTulip Sleep is based on the technology laminar airflow. The air from the room is sucked into the machine and passes through pre- and HEPA-filters that traps allergens and other particles. The clean, filtered air is slightly cooled and flows laminary, below draft limit, through the fabric of the headboard. The air creates a breathing zone that is completely free of allergens and particles larger than 0.5 μm.

Scientific Research

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) performed scientific research into the performance of the AirTulip Sleep. They have conducted laboratory measurements to assess the Local Air Quality Index around a sleeping person's head level. The best case scenario provided an exceptional improvement in air quality, with around four orders of magnitude better air quality, as evidenced by the absence of particles across measurement samples.

AirTulip vs. air purifiers

AirTulip's patented-pending technology has a proven clean air zone. AirTulip Sleep cleans the air in the breathing zone up to 1000 times better than air purifiers.

Backed by Data

We performed measurements for contamination in the room. The graph shows a comparison between two typical air purifiers and AirTulip Sleep (measured particles per cubic meter of air). The goal is to have low levels of measured particle contamination.

AirTulip Sleep instantly drops the particle count below the cleanroom class 1 threshold, creating a pure and healthy sleeping environment.